Become a Creative Strategist 🦄

(and make money doing it!)

Elevate your game with insights and strategies that set you apart ✨

  • Increase your hourly rate as a creative contractor by 2-3x 
  • Secure higher paying UGC contracts with newfound expertise
  • Take on high-level responsibility for a brand and fast-track your path to Creative Director
  • Leverage our templates and tools to create content faster


This course also includes a few sweet treats 🍭

  • Get access to our 150+ video swipe file of UGC concepts on MagicBrief, including a tutorial.
  • You will have access to five essential presentation decks, integral to your success, including the Creative Sprint, Creator Roster, Creator Brief, Brand Market Analysis, and The Power of UGC.
  • Motivators and Barriers Exercise Template: Provided in the motivators and barriers exercise session.
  • Two-Page Platform Specific Guide: A comprehensive guide for mastering the nuances of each platform, included in the platform-specific strategies topic.
  • Link to AI Agent, UGC Buddy: Access provided in the scriptwriting and ideation of creative concepts session.
  • Aspect Ratio Pack: A comprehensive collection of platform-specific aspect ratios, provided in the relevant session.

Here's everything we will unpack together 🎒

  1. Explore the defining elements and significance of a strategy.
  2. Delve into the core concepts of a creative strategy.
  3. Learn best practices in direct response and uncover your formula for creative success.
  4. Understand the AIDCA sales sequence and its role in sales strategies.
  5. Get introduced to A/B testing, covering both fundamental and advanced strategies.
  6. Discover essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) crucial for success.
  7. Learn setting and planning creative objectives with examples from seven real-life situations.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the critical tools in your creative strategy tech stack.
  9. Master the techniques of effectively collecting inspiration and keeping up with trends.
  10. Learn strategies for successful initial meetings with creative strategy clients.
  11. Understand how to effectively pitch to clients unfamiliar with UGC, including a powerful UGC pitch deck template.
  12. Explore techniques in brand market analysis to win jobs and influence clients, featuring a pitch deck template.
  13. Engage in exercises focusing on motivators and barriers, complete with a useful template.
  14. Dive into the world of sales funnels and learn strategies for campaigns aimed at awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention.
  15. Discover platform-specific strategies along with a comprehensive two-page guide for mastering nuances of each platform.
  16. Learn the art of scriptwriting and ideation for creative concepts, including access to our AI agent, UGC Buddy.
  17. Understand the nuances of sourcing creative contractors.
  18. Master the art of managing client and contractor relationships effectively.
  19. Discover the implications of the Good, Fast, Cheap rule in creative work.
  20. Get insights into general creative rates and the process of hiring UGC creators.
  21. Learn techniques for managing creators during production, including the use of the Creator Brief Deck template.
  22. Explore various quality assurance techniques and effective methods for reviewing work.
  23. Learn about specific aspect ratios for different platforms with our comprehensive aspect ratio pack.
  24. Go through a checklist for copyright and legal considerations in creative work.
  25. Understand strategies for feedback and optimization in the creative process.
  26. Learn about the RICH vs. FLAT performance review methodology.
  27. Discover the Iterate, Reoptimize, Replicate approach for optimization.
  28. Learn effective pricing strategies for your creative services.
  29. Understand the differences and advantages of hourly, project, and retainer payment models.
  30. Discover how to create effective blended hourly rate packages.
  31. Learn methods to generate inbound leads by positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  32. Explore strategies for inbound marketing and platform optimizations for better outreach.

What People Have Said About Us:

I feel much more prepared, knowledgeable and even more confident in my own skills. I was able to put my best foot forward on a brand call landing me a partnership with a HUGE brand and a long term partnership. I'm thankful for her guidance and recommend her coaching services to my fellow UGC creators. 5 Stars!!!

Frankie G.

OMG! Where do I start?! Kelly is such a gem. She is so personable as well as EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I have been in the creator industry for some time but still had so many questions and she answered every single one. I was nervous to ask some since they seemed so simple but she was so sweet and broke everything down so it was very easy to understand. I walked away with so much more confidence. I couldn't have asked for more. I feel like I struck gold with Kelly and could not recommend her enough!

Meghan Ketz

Kelly is my secret weapon!! The wealth of insider’s knowledge she has about the UGC career path is invaluable. She has very nuanced strategy tweaks to offer that literally tip you over the edge from rookie to master in a hot second. With one session and her guidance, I was able to increase my bid to a brand by 400%! Not to mention Kelly is the sweetest. She is amazing to work with, and just a gem of a person. I count myself blessed to be one of her clients! If you want to avoid some common mistakes in your growing UGC career, definitely hire Kelly.

Zenaiah MacQueen

5 star review for Kelly and her UGC guide! I've been doing UGC since November, making around $1000(ish) a month and really wanted to step up my game. I decided to purchase her guide, and read through every single page in one night (super informational!) and within the next week or so I landed my biggest deal yet! One video, 3 months usage rights for $2500 😱. I have to credit that to her guide. It gave me the confidence to negotiate the VALUE that I bring to my clients, and it's made all the difference. I feel extremely motivated and excited to keep getting better, and this guide was a great start!!

Skye Crozier

Kelly’s videos on TikTok helped me start my UGC journey so when I found out that she came out with a UGC Guide I purchased it right away. I just finished going through it and the amount of value is INSANE. She was so thorough and I feel super inspired and ready to elevate my UGC business. She has 10 years of marketing experience as a UGC creator herself and from the brand side as well, she has worked with over 500 brands and has hired UGC creators throughout her career, so I knew that I could trust her advice/tips. If you’re thinking about purchasing her guide, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it! You also get discounts to other useful tools 👀

Maria @mxariaslife

$299.00 USD