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  • Build a growing creative business in your spare time.
  • Take the inside track with proven instructors who have trained 5,000+ UGC creators.
  • Learn how to acquire contracts that pay hundreds to thousands of dollars, including upsell opportunities and techniques.
  • Learn templates and tools to help you manage your business.

Starting as UGC creators as early as 2014, we learned all the hacks, tips and tricks before there was ever a course. Now, we are helping you become industry leaders within weeks rather than years.

This entire video course includes:

  • 9 hours of video lessons
  • 233 page lesson plan
  • 24 in-depth chapters
  • A UGC glossary with nearly 40 UGC concept types deck
  • Our "Shotlist Toolbelt" with nearly 40 ideas on how to shoot your content deck
  • 2 portfolio templates built to convert (Canva + Super), and a Canva promo/rate card template to share with clients
  • 3 presentation templates to help you pitch clients and win deals ($$$ value)
  • Access to our UGC Notion Dashboard to help you manage your business ($$ Value)
  • Client onboarding survey with Tally helping you most accurately quote based on the SOW
  • Real-life exercises throughout the course to begin flexing your UGC muscle and begin implementing what you’re learning

And so much more...

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